Other Games on the HPe3000 available on this server.

First, point your telnet window to empire.openmpe.com (yes. this very same address in your browser window, and yes, remove the "http://" and the "/empire/other_games.html" part.)

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) block Telnet altogether. If your ISP blocks telnet then I apologize for the inconvenience.

You will get a "EMPIRECLASSIC:" prompt. At this point you need to enter a "HELLO" command. Since there may be up to 10 games of Empire running at any one time and two other text "adventure" type games, the appropriate log on is as follows followed by the current game description. The <yourname> followed by a comma is optional, it must be 8 characters or less and start with a letter.

Adventure Type Games

HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER. WARP ------> Contact Russ Karlberg who has developed a Walkthrough of Warp.


Card Games


Multi User Dungeons (MUDs)

HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.ZONE <--- Note send an email to Tracy Johnson because this game requires some set up.

Strategy Games

HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.CIVIL (A simple American Civil War game.)

"Trek" Type Games

HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.TREK (Trek Game - 1982 Version)
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.SUPRTRK (Trek Game - 1984 Version)
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.SUPRTREK (Trek Game - 1987 Version)

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